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New Art Series Announcement: History In The Shadows Boxes

I've begun a new series of mixed media works based on found & unearthed items. These first two feature antique porcelain pieces excavated from the dumping ground of the old German factory site where they were made.

Placed inside shadowboxes, the backs of the works contain the lessons of the historical fads behind the objects - which are not so amusing. Hence, they are the history in the shadows, in the boxes.

Each piece measures 4 by 6 inches; approximately 1 inch deep.

The first, a gnome, introduces you to the sad history of the ornamental hermit; $69.99.

The second, Frozen Charlotte, tells the tale of a very early urban legend used to control women. Frozen Charlotte also features a handmade, handstitched book; $89.99.

Charlotte is currently featured in the entryway at The Farm.

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