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Junk Journals

A junk journal is a handmade journal, primarily made with found & vintage items, the pages of which are filled with - well, whatever the owner wishes! As I’ve written elsewhere, junk journals are kind of like a combination of scrapbooks, diaries, & art journals.

The junk journals I offer for sale are called “naked” because they are left in an unfinished state, allowing plenty of room for writing, collaging, painting, doodling, scrapbooking, coloring, journaling - a handmade papercraft kit of inspiration galore!

(If you are a crafty sort, looking for vintage craft supplies, check out my Kindness Of Strangers vintage & retro crafting supply shop on Etsy!)

Most LunaTique junk journals include authentic vintage bits and pieces of ephemera and are made on a theme. My most popular themes are witchy (Book of Shadows, Grimoires), Victorian, floral (including rose only journals), scandalous risque lady journals, gothic tomes, and, believe it or not, quirky mid-century modern motifs. 

LunaTique Junk Journal Features Of Note:

I am known for my love of overstuffed, overflowing junk journals, which beg you to look inside - and making them for others is no exception.

As I love worn, vintage & antique items, the journal covers are made from a recycled vintage hardcover book boards covered in salvaged fabrics. 

Pages typically include hand-dyed aged pages (prints & solids), antique and vintage book pages, cardstock & vellum in several colors, sheet music, drawing paper, watercolor paper, and a few of my favorite prompt pages - mainly of the “bullet journal” varieties &/or pages on themes specific to the journal - to encourage your use of the book.

The leather wrap binding I typically use allows you to not only reorder pages, but to completely remove and add pages as you wish. 


The leather bookmark string, part of the binding, is often finished with a handmade Victorian-inspired reverse decoupage glass cabochon pendant.


I have made and sold a number of my junk journals, including custom journals, via word of mouth and over social media - the result is that I have not had time to keep a steady level of junk journals in stock in my Etsy shop. Mia culpa. If I am sold out, or you are interested in something differnt, please feel free to contact me, on Etsy or here, to discuss options.

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