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About LunaTique 

About The Artist


A self-taught, outsider artist with a liberal arts educational background, Deanna Dahlsad began her professional art career primarily as a charcoal artist, selling at juried art shows and various New Age markets. Then, along came the Internet.


Deanna’s early years on the web, in the 90s, were spent in entrepreneurship, exploring the dirty world of eCommerce - which was then viewed as The Evil Which Would Ruin The Internet. Just as success was within grasp, there was an ugly divorce. Long story short, economic necessity led to creating websites and consulting in the area of marketing online.


This period was swiftly followed by The Professional Writing Years when she was primarily known as The Kitschy Blue Poodle With Glasses.

But now the artist is beginning to commit to a full swing back into her visual artist self and may become most recognizable as The Crone With The Purple Hair.




The Crone - err, Ms. Dahlsad - is a collector and finds herself most inspired by worn and salvaged pieces with Velveteen Rabbit Syndrom, i.e. those things which show that love not only makes one real but leaves signs of wear as well. Like most lovers of all things vintage, she values the aesthetics of age which impart various feelings of romance all their own. Imperfections are indeed charming. Past lives are important. Working with rescued and found items inspires stories - not all of which are bright & breezy. However, even when works are not dark, her more traditional themes are... quirky.


In addition to the vintage materials themselves, Deanna also likes to breathe new life into older art forms and practices themselves. A favorite is the art of potichomania, a mid-19th-century crafting craze involving painting and decoupaging on the reverse side of glass. 


For more about the artist’s particular (and often peculiar) works, please visit the other pages on this website.

LunaTique Bazaar on Etsy is currently the official online shopping home of the artist’s works. (Though with the addition of this website, who can say what will happen?) Works can be found for sale in the Dahlsads’ home-base community, the Fargo-Moorhead area, exclusively at Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market. If you live in the greater FM or Red River Valley area, you may opt to purchase art & items online and arrange for local pickup.

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