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Brilliant Blue & Black Upcycled Vintage Death's-Head Hawkmoth Jewelry Box

I have a thing for boxes, cabinets, curios... I like making them nearly as much as I like using them. One of my recent works is this upcycled vintage wooden jewelry box featuring a death's-head hawkmoth on the cover.

The death's-head moth, on hand-aged paper, has shades of blue nearly as brilliant as the cloth-covered inside. Inside the goth jewelry box lid more hand-aged paper with the image of a skull wearing a crown. Regal enough for any man or woman who has some little treasures to box up.

Currently in booth #25 (code YES) at Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market; $69.50 (plus sales tax - & shipping if not the Fargo-Moorhead area).


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