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Mixed Media Artworks

Mixed media artworks are made with a mix of materials and mediums. It's a rather broad term, which applies to assemblages, altered art, collages, found object artworks, recycled/upcycled/repurposed works - pretty much everything I love to do! 

Among my most popular mixed media works: Spirit Bottles, Floss Ball Vases, and The Witch Collection.

Coming soon: additional repurposed drawer works, some seriously musical mod lamps, quirky china creatures, & bewitching, mystical chinaware.

Framed Potichomania Works

The following gallery contains images of works in my mixed media series of reverse glass decoupage & painting - sometimes referred to as potichomania, a 19th-century or Victorian art glass craze.


Along with paper, ink, paints, and adhesive medium, these mixed media pieces include additional pigments, powders, and enamels which are used in the process to add depth & texture. These are not flaws, but rather are part of the time-consuming, multi-step processes used to create the vintage worn, distressed, aged, antiqued effects.


Victorian Gothic Circus

Haunted Creepy Dolls

More traditional, less dark, potichomanic works are also offered - including vintage pinup & glamour girls & dogs.

Coming soon: a collection of tins, jewelry boxes, and miniature cabinets of curiosities to complement these vintage, gothic, creepy, witchy, grunge, distressed mixed media design themes.

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