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Haunted Creepy Dolls At The Rourke Art Gallery

I am super jazzed to announce that the Haunted Creepy Doll series, 1-3, are now on view & available for sale at The Rourke Art Gallery & Museum!

The three mixed media potichomania works, as seen in Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared, are part of the Art Ghoullery III: The Long Masquerade exhibit - and are immediately visible upon entrance of the art gallery on the main wall.

The exhibit runs through November 15, 2020. You can schedule a viewing either by calling the gallery at 218.236.8861 or using this form.

Smaller versions of the works are available in my Etsy shop.

In related news, LunaTique will soon have it's own gallery space at The FARM! Starting November 1st, you'll find the LunaTique Art Gallery, Occult, & Oddities in booth #55!


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