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LunaTique Boutique News

By the end of April, the boutique will be leaving Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market. I will forever be grateful to Kristi, the owner of the Best Antique Shop in the Red River Valley (for the past 4 years!), for allowing me to do what I do and having her antique mall as a venue.

Eight and a half years ago when The Farm opened, Derek and I (as We Have Your Collectibles) started with just one booth. We eventually had 5 & 1/2, with two being LunaTique. Derek is now building a new career in film; I am more involved with my art. In order to do more art shows, gallery works, and events, something had to give... And here we are.

I will miss The Farm and the other vendors under its roof, past and present. I will return to shop  And I hope to see many of those familiar faces, including yours, at upcoming events and at the First Avenue Market Fargo boutique location.

Meanwhile, you can catch us at the Totally Rad Vintage Fest - Fargo this Sunday! Photos below of that show set up!

Show pics!


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