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Witchy Hocus Pocus Decor - Just In Time For Halloween!

This Hocus Pocus inspired set features a spell book & 6 bottles of ingredients & potions as seen in the classic Halloween film.

Bewitching Hocus Pocus Inspired Decor

The Grimoire, made from an upcycled old book, is open to aged pages for both The Cat Transformation Curse and The Black Flame Candle Spell. It is adored with golden brushed page edges as well as various colorful mosses along with black spiderweb-esque fabric.

Because all fantasy needs some functionality, the handcrafted spellbook sits perched atop an upcycled black metal organizer which serves as a witches apothecary workspace holding six appropriately bewitching bottles.

Handmade Hocus Pocus Inspired Spellbook

The bottles include the proper ingredients for the Sanderson Sisters' Life Potion: Oil of Boil, Dead Man's Toes, Newt Saliva, Pox, and "blood of owl with the herb that's red". Also included - in case you need it in a jiffy & have no time to compose it - a bottle of the Sanderson Sisters' Life Potion.

This novelty decorator set is available at The FARM, in booth #27, in the LunaTique case. Vendor code YES.

Complete set sells for $99.99.

No holds, sales tax applies; I am hesitant to ship due to the overall size of this piece. But contact me if you simply must have it and are not in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

If you'd like to share it on Facebook - here's a post there to share!

LunaTique Altered Art Sanderson Sisiters' Grimoire & Apothecary Bottles & Potions Set

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